The De-sunglasses Moroccan campaign

The De-sunglasses Moroccan campaign

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As we had promised, our New Collection is online and is fierce!

Simple shapes with fashionable summer colors were mixed together for a great result. Handmade in Italy, we combined round, cat-eye, geometric and aviator shapes with Acetate or Metal frames and Polarized lenses.

Our Campaign took place in a Moroccan House where the sun was shining high and the Pool Vibes were on a whole new level! Summer is here and you have to be beach ready before it's too late .

Sunglasses, will not only protect your eyes but will also add extra style to your every-day reality. Who is outside without sunnies on these days? Not you!

Packing for the holidays? Your DE-SUNGLASSES should not be missing from the trip! They will keep you shady everywhere, we can guarantee that to you. 

As for the perfect pair for you? They are so amazing, we can hardly choose even for ourselves - believe us on that! The thing is, that they sell out so fast - a good thing for us - a bad thing for you (haha)

What are you waiting for?

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