DE Logo Mark.

Introducing the Evolution of DE® Logo: A Symbol of Unity and Diversity.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and eyewear, DE-SUNGLASSES has embarked on a transformative journey, not just in style but in its core identity. This transformation is led by a profound strategic purpose, one that transcends mere aesthetics and delves deep into the heart of what the brand stands for.

A new vision.

A New Vision: Premium Eyewear Meets Modern Lines

DE-SUNGLASSES has always been synonymous with premium eyewear, blending quality craftsmanship with contemporary design. As we evolve, we are committed to maintaining this legacy while pushing the boundaries of modernity even further. Our new identity embodies the perfect fusion of premium eyewear and sleek, modern lines.

The 'DE' Logomark: Symbolism and Significance.

At the heart of our rebranding is our new 'DE' logomark, which speaks volumes about our vision and values. This mark isn't just a design: it's a symbol of the positive opportunities that exist in every season, every type of weather, every commute, and every outing. It's a reminder that there's something special in every moment, and DE is here to enhance those moments.

Moreover, the 'DE' logomark embodies unity. It beautifully encapsulates the idea of oneness and togetherness. The 'D' and 'E' intertwine, representing the harmonious blend of different elements, just as diverse individuals can come together to create something beautiful.

It signifies diversity converging towards a common point, a powerful message that we, as a brand, stand against segregation. Our glasses are for everyone, regardless of their background, identity, or style.

A Message of Inclusivity.

With the clean, simple lines in our logo, DE symbolically needs to eliminate the blinkers. We embrace the idea that we are all the same at our core, yet beautifully different in our own unique ways.
Our eyewear celebrates these differences and empowers individuals to express their distinctiveness with confidence.

A Move Towards Premium Positioning.

DE® logomark is not just about reimagining our logo: it's also about elevating our brand's position. We're driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, which is fueled by product innovations, exciting collaborations, and visionary design concepts. Our campaigns and innovative ideas will continue to set us apart in the eyewear industry.

Additionally, DE-SUNGLASSES is transitioning to a more selective distribution approach. We're investing in upgraded retail concepts and establishing class-A showrooms in key city locations. This shift ensures that when you choose DE®, you're not just buying eyewear: you're investing in an experience that's as premium as our products.

The rebranding of DE® represents far more than a change in logo; it's a declaration of our commitment to unity, diversity, inclusivity, and premium quality. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to redefine eyewear, one pair of sunglasses at a time.

We're going gender-neutral.

We repeal gender categories.

Gender neutrality is a long-term cultural shift. It challenges us to think creatively and adapt to a changing landscape, fostering a culture of innovation within our company.
Embracing gender neutrality helps break down harmful stereotypes and contributes to the broader goal of a more equitable and accepting world.
By repealing gender categories from our website, we communicate to our customers that their identity matters, regardless of whether they identify as male, female, non-binary, or any other gender. This approach fosters an atmosphere of acceptance and respect, allowing individuals to express themselves authentically and without judgment through our brand.