DE-SUNGLASSES.COM is a Greek sunglasses brand that was born to impress. Everything started on 1st April of 2016, when our idea of affordable and unique sunglasses came true. Everything started from a small office and on 2018 we moved into a new bigger office and .

Plus, we were the first company in Greece who launched low cost & stylish shades at the same time. Everyone can buy them, everyone can now stay shady! 

We’re so excited to give people a new perspective through our shades and even more happy when we meet lovely people who wear our sunglasses everywhere they go. Over all, sunglasses are a must-have accessory, and our advice is, keep it shady! 
The love for our work and the high quality of our products, made us famous all over the world. Today, we ship our sunnies, everywhere!
Fashionable people, bloggers & famous persons choose to wear our shades and just in case you forgot, originality never fails.

Born to impress, born to inspire & we keep going...


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